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moved? [23 Feb 2003|02:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i have a prob with livejournal. dunno why... so i decided to make a new journal at blurty, http://www.blurty.com/~heykid :)

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so long sweet summer [23 Feb 2003|02:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

damn....i'm going to leave to yogyakarta tonight... it is soo suck. i am too damn lazy to stay at the village. i'm so lazy to pack my clothes last night. :(

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why ask why? [13 Jan 2003|08:40pm]
[ mood | bored ]

why ask why?

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stupid question [13 Jan 2003|08:39pm]
[ mood | calm ]

i asked to this woman (emailed her)

where's guam? i've heard of it but dont know where it's :) never been there. sorry for asking this stupid question. dont reply if you dont want to :) your site has a lot of good photos! :)


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They wouldn't exist if it weren't for Listerine [13 Jan 2003|08:36pm]
Band-Aids actually came from Listerine! Here's the Scope... oops...scoop:

In the 1860's, a British surgeon named Sir Joseph Lister pioneered sanitary operating room procedures. In many hospitals, the post-operative mortality rate was in excess of 90%. I think it's clear to us today that his ideas were well needed.

Why, you may ask?

It seems that the doctors operated with their bare hands in street clothes. Spectators were allowed to observe the operations first hand. For surgical dressings, they used pressed sawdust which was lifted off the floors of the saw mills. Instruments were not sterilized - only washed with soap and water.

Lister gave a speech in Philadelphia in 1876, expressing his views on germs. No one was interested.

No one except a Missouri physician named Joseph Lawrence.

Lawrence went back to his lab and developed an antibacterial liquid, which was manufactured locally by the Lambert Pharmacal Company (any idea which Fortune 500 Corp. this became?).

They needed a name. We can be sure that they must have tossed around some great ones in that board room. Maybe 'horrible tasting liquid' or 'Stuff to make your bad breath smell like something else that still smells bad, but not THAT bad'. I guess they weren't interested in these great suggestions.

Instead, they gave it the name Listerine, in honor of Sir Joseph L----r (you can figure out the rest). This gave it an antiseptic image. The right name at the right time.

So how does this lead to the Band-Aid?

It turns out that one other person was impressed by Lister's talk- Robert Johnson, a pharmacist from Brooklyn.

He and his two brothers decided to start a company to produce large dry cotton and gauze dressing. The company had a great name - Johnson and Johnson (why was the third brother excluded?). They were shipped in germ-resistant packages, guaranteeing sterility until opened.

Their next product was baby powder, also still on the market.

I can hear you yelling all the way over here in New York. SO WHERE DID THE BAND-AIDS COME FROM?

Calm down and let me get a word in edgewise.

In 1920, another brother, James Johnson, heard that his employee had invented a neat product. The guy's name was Earle Dickson (note how his name is lost in history and the company took all the credit and profits).

Way back on December 6, 1917, Earle married Mrs. Earle (the former Miss Josephine Frances Knight). Josephine was extremely accident prone and constantly seemed to be cutting her fingers with those darn sharp kitchen knives. Problem! His company's bandages were too big for her delicate little bruises.

By 1920, he grew weary of having to bandage up his wife's dainty little fingers. He decided to affix small pieces of the sterile gauze to the center of strips of surgical tape. (I can hear the crowds of people now - "DUH! That's pretty obvious!" These are the same people who are unable to figure out how Newton discovered gravity because it's so obvious.)

He mentioned what he had created to a fellow employee at Johnson and Johnson and was encouraged to approach management with the idea.

The Johnsons weren't overly impressed initially. At least not until good old Earle showed that he could easily apply it to himself. No help needed! Wow! Shazaaaaaam! What a great idea!

Unfortunately, the original handmade bandages did not sell - only $3000 worth of the product was sold during the first year. (The New York Times reports that "they came in sections 2 1/2 inches wide and 18 inches long" - does this seem a bit large to you?)

By 1924 the Band-Aids were produced by machine and sales took off. History was then made. Over one hundred billion have been made to date.

By the way, poor old Earle was not that poor in the end. The company actually made him a vice president (until he retired in 1957) and then a member of the board of directors. Unfortunately, Earle didn't enjoy a long retirement - he passed away on September 22, 1961 at age 68. At the time of his death, Johnson and Johnson was selling over $30,000,000 worth of Band-Aids each year.

Useless? Useful? Ill leave that for you to decide.

taken from useless infos :)

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[13 Jan 2003|08:27pm]
[ mood | blank ]

fel ... ( yubiwa ) louis terlalu kalem ^^ lol... gue demen lestat di 2-2nya... queen of the damned ama di itu... di interview vampire ;p

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[13 Jan 2003|08:16pm]
is there any lestat fanlisting? lol

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TUGAS AKHIR FISIKA [13 Jan 2003|07:41pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Duh..belon apa2 udah tugas akhir. dikumpul akhir maret. trus dirusuh presentasi :( milih judul apa yah??? pilihan gue sih kalo ga ttg atom2 an, trus tentang optika fisika, sama ... ?? kalo dulu kls 2 sih enak. ada teori. ini... teori+hitungan semua!! :(

tadi bab pertama ttg GGL lagi..bete...induksi magnetik :(
trus kimia...we learnt unsur2 periodik ketiga :( susah...susah ....gampang
trus biologi...ttg teori2 makhluk hidup. gurunya ga masuk!! finally...setelah 1.5 taon...dia ga masuk juga!!!! senang!!! *ps : dia ngajar gue mulai kelas 2, kalo kelas 1 gurunya beda*

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things that make me happy [13 Jan 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

1. Waktu gue dengerin lagu enak banget (biasanya sih lagu punk/emo gitu) itu rasanya senengggg banget!
2. Waktu dengerin penyanyi fave nyanyi lagu enak ;p
3. Dengerin lagu enak

123 : donlod mp3 :)

dengerin lagu midtown - like a movie makes me feels soo HIGH :)

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like a movie [13 Jan 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood | high ]

kya..kyaa.... juve menang 5-0! keren kan... treze nyetak gol juga loh...del piero juga...di vaio juga...wuaa...pemaen2 fave g nyteak gol semua :p trus conte ama satu gol bunu diri regina. :p senangggg sekalee...

treze disitu kerennnn banget!! he's sooo ____ *speechless saking handsomenya*

juve - reginna itu, di delle api maennya which is... guede sekali and note : lebih bagus dr arsenal highburry ;p lol btw.. pertandingannya di tayangin ama TPI

kalo di SCTV ada lagie.... milan - lupa. ada kaladze loh.... :)

aduh...i <3 italian GUYS!

nonton interview with the vampire. keren yah..yg cucok jadi vampire itu si tom cruise :P guanteng tenan! antonio banderas kaya cw pake rambut panjang trus lipstik ;p brad pitt biasa aja. ternyata..vampir itu mati kalo minum darah org mati.. ga mati sih cuman dia jadi kering gitu kaya kebakar. tapi kalo minum darah lagi sih dia jadi biasa lagi. brad pitt tuh vampire bae ye.. ga bisa bunu orang ^^ minum darah tikus mulu ^^ kalo kata tom krus, si louis itu malu2in minum darah tikus. ^^

tom cruise = lestat. lestat = inget queen of the damned :) ternyata ... gue pengagum film2 vampire. boys dont cry itu vampire juga khan?? gue minjem di ezzy tapi ga gue tonton ampe abis. coz...pilem lama jadi males ;p ga ada yg cakep pula! :)

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raport gue semester 1 [11 Jan 2003|12:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

yes i got it today. ga deg-deg-am soalnya i know i can make it! :) gue uda done well waktu ulangan2 kemaren. gue rangking 8 dari 20 orang. jumlah gue 70. yang rangking 7 itu jumlah ama nilai2nya sama persis ama gue, 70 juga. nilai2 nya aja juga sama ;p sampe dibilang jodoh huehehe...yang ngebedain itu kalo gue pernah alpa sekali, dia kaga!!! padahal dia ijin sekali trus ga masuk sekali. rese sekali loh!

ppkn gue 6 hehe moral gue emang bejat dari dulu. gue paling ga demen PPKN. pelajarab mengarang itu mah. hehe should pay attention di PPKn. Kalo eksak nya math,biology, and chem dapet 7, tapi kalo physics dapet 6 :( mungkin jatoh di ulangan semester kemaren :( susah abies ulangannya! sumpe deh... tu kertas coretan kosong ! udah.. yg 6 cuman 2 itu doang selebihnya 7 ama 8 *proud*

target semester genap : ngalahin dephi, e-kun, ama mr.jo :P trus PPKn 7 at least lah... Physics mesti belajar!! aduh..math nya susah lagi. :( ada logika matematika. geometri nya banyak lagi :( *anti geometri support algebra*

umm...buat ngerayain nya... *susah dapet rangking sekarang, apalagi di kelas gue, rangking 1 waktu di kelas 1 ama 2 udah 5 orang* makan di TRIO ah :P tau TRIO?? Itu loh.. rumah makan superkuno and superenak di deket rel kereta api ;p deket TRIO ada restoran steak belanda yang superduper enak juga :P trus moga2 makan es krim di ragusa :P

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telkom net sucks [09 Jan 2003|05:41pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

mo maen internet susssaaahhhh buanget! gue dari tadi siang, mo maen itu tuh sampe nunggu ampir sejam buat login aja! tau ga? jalannya tuh lamaaaaaaa banget! lebih lemot dari 14.4 kali! ini udah bukan maen internet. maen sabar-sabar-an. gilla... susah banget! bisa2 ga maen internet nih.

tuh ...liat aja! gue dari jam 1/2 5 ngebuka hotmail aja lamaaa banget. sekarang uda jam 1/2 5 lewat 38. gila yah telkom. udah naek mulu, payah lagi service nya! wish we could SUE THEM!

kalo mo langganan gitu, bayar pulsa telpon ga sih?? Gimana sih tell me dong... Apa kita bisa maen sepuas2 nya ga usah bayar? hiks...

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cont. antonio ... [07 Jan 2003|01:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

plus...he's italian! :)

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antoniosabato JR [07 Jan 2003|01:39pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

watched the movie, the base 2 : guilty as charged there's ANTONIO SABATO JR. AND he is sooo damn cute in the movie! *yummy* :) oh.. it's a kinda millitary movie

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[07 Jan 2003|01:14pm]
yubiwa mood translated is so usefull :)

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[07 Jan 2003|01:13pm]
[ mood | blah ]

How can I label you?

brought to you by Quizilla

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which band member? [05 Jan 2003|06:50pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Which bandmember of Avril Lavigne's band are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

i'm not a party girl?!

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[05 Jan 2003|03:48pm]
Hey sorry but I have to disconnect ok


from ~~~69~*~innamon~*~sweetie~*~69*~~~~

me : surpised! :P havent seen nice person, mo DC pamit dulu waktu gue donlod lagu di winmx :) dulu..ada yang private msg gue told me that i'm a leech. ga mau share mp3 :) hehe sejak itu..gue share mp3 :)

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my friend, INDRI [05 Jan 2003|03:21pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

i have friend. Her name is INDRI. She's been my bestest friend since we're lil'kid! And here's the story ...

Kita ketemu di TK Tunas Karya II. Dikenalin nya itu sama sodara gue. Padahal kita itu beda kelas. Tapi ga tau kenapa kita itu sering maen sama2 padahal...indri itu temen nya sodara gue ini. Kita itu click banget deh! Kita satu skul sampe SD. Waktu di SD, kita kadang2 berantem. Biasalah.. berantem anak SD. Ngiri2an :p Or karena missunderstood :P Dari TK dia itu uda senenggg banget gambar. Tapi dia ga pernah ikut lomba2 di TK. Malah gue yang ikut lomba2 gituan. *piala nya entah ilang kemana* lomba gambar... ;p you know, playing with those fantastic colors! *i love colors! dont you?* kalo indri yang gambar... we love it soo much! dia suka banget gambar yang kaya di komik balet gitu. marichan dkk. :) gue pernah niru2 gambarnya dia tapi bagusan punya dia lah of course ;p ade nya juga ketularan. dia juga bisa gambar kaya manga2 gitu. and then ...

DI SMP... kita ga satu sekul. Dia di KPS and gue di Tarq. Dia masih tetep jago gambar :P kita jarang ketemu tapi... kita ketemu lagi!! (We're Blessed i think) Dia nawarin gue les inggris dari dulu! Akhirnya gue masuk ke les itu. gue sekelas ama adenya :p oh ya gue kenal adenya juga, bonyok, dkk. soalnya waktu SD sering maen barbie - barbie an :P Seru loh... Then... sekelas ama adenya jadi bisa kontak2an ama cicinya :P Kita temenan ampe sekarang.

Dia masih jago gambar

Di SMA...
pisah skul lagi. Dia punya temen sendiri gue punya temen sendiri. tapi kita ga pernah lupa satu sama laen. Dia tambah jago aja gambarnya. Her sis does too! School nya dia itu ngebantu banget kayanya. Dia suka ikut2 lomba desain di majalah. Dia pernah menang dulu. Jam tangan CASIO. trus dia...kemaren sms gue and told me that dia menang! dia menang juara 1 desain baju natal di majalah yang sama. and she got keyboard casio. gue salut banget ama dia :) dia itu punya bakat banget! Tadinya dia mo jadi komikus but berubah jadi Fashion Desainer. Gue dukung banget! Coz she has her own style! I want her to design my wedding-dress LOL

Oh ya..dia itu ga pernah lupa temen lama! Tiap kali dia pergi, dia selalu bawain dia oleh2. Kemaren, abis dia ke SG, dia bawain gue permen HAMHAM itu ;p sebelum2nya dia bawain gu chocolate yang uenak tenan! :P Sementara gue? Gue ga pernah ngasih something yg buat dia impressed (kayanya..)

24 jan ini...dia ultah ke 18
(27 jan gue...oh god...kayanya it's our fate to be friends until we die ;p)

so..help me! kasih kado apa yang bikin dia impress :)

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new year's resolution part II [05 Jan 2003|02:37pm]
[ mood | busy ]

can i make another one? i've been thinking of it since morning

- get driving license (it's a must! and i should get it before i start that college thingie)
- tambah rajin!
- kaga males2an ngerjain somethin' *i can do it but i'm to lazy!* forgive this lazy mofo! (yey ! i always wanna use that vocab "lazy mofo")
- be feminine
- jadi dewasa! i'm 18 (mau) tapi masih kaya 10 LOL
- ga males belajar BIOLOGY
- dapet cowo
- Rajin ngebalesin email2 *duh!* i love getting emails but kalo nge reply...sumpeh! males banget gue ;p so..once again...forgive me!
- bisa masak ^^
- selesain my english course *tanngung! tinggal 1 grade lagi and after that TOEFL class* but... udah keburu kuliah :( help!
- ga egois
- ga negative thinking
- ga judes ma co
- dan masih banyak ga... yang laen :)

forgive me kalo ada salah taon lalu. (because i do forgive you) LOL hope i can be a better person this year :)

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